Our Activities

1- The protection of the tomb and the Education Center of the Resspected Pir.

2- The restoration of Ussaki and Education Centers in accordance with their original forms.

3- Publicizing the life, stories, knowledge, and personality of the Respected Pir through written, visual, and sound publications and broadcastings.

4- Providing service to the visitors of the tomb and the Education Center of the Respected Pir.

5- Performing the Tasawwuf music and training individuals on this subject.

6- Performing Sema and raising Semazens. (whirling dervishes)

7- Providing social help for needy families.(food, clothes, cash, etc…)

8- Providing health services for needy families.

9- Openning branches in the country to provide these services.

10- Organizing historical and cultural tours.

11- Providing food service during the month of Ramadan.

12- Organizing music days and Tasawwuf music concerts