Khalweti Branch Of Ussaki Path

Tasawwuf is to surrender one’s soul, body, and ego which were given for an appointed term by Allah to Allah.

Tasawwuf is the name of the life style of all the prophets, especially our Prophet’s (peace be upon him). That is, tasawwuf is the life style of those whose lives are completely in accordance with Qur’an. Tasawwuf is to devote one’s heart to the love of Allah and to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and apply his sayings, actions, and personality to one’s life. Tasawwuf is a path to follow to find Allah.

Tasawwuf is the name of the religious life style and thoughts which bring forth spiritual dimension of Islam. Tasawwuf is a system of thoughts and ethics that points to the spiritual training of the hearth, the temporariness of the world and material while basing its principles on behaviors of heart.

Tasawwuf is a discipline which examines, deepens, lives, and teaches others how to live the religious principles of Islam. Tasawwuf is a science that shows the way to clean the heart from sicknesses by training the self with well-manners, worship, remembrance of Allah, and thoughts in order to reach perfection.

The Khalwetiyye Path is one of the paths which is a mean to please Allah alone. It is nothing but withdrawing from the demands of the world that diminish the respect for Allah in hearts. And the person who develops a system to train the self in any path is called Pir.

Khalwet is the purification of one’s heart and body in his relationship with Allah without using his eyes, ears, and other limbs.

Khalweti is the person who does khalwet. And, khalwet is to keep one’s self busy with worship in a dark and narrow place with the command of his spiritual teacher. And, in tasawwuf khalwet means “talking with Allah in secret.”

Khalwetiyye branch of Ussaki is a branch of Khalweti path in tasawwuf.

Pir Husameddin Ussaki started to enlighten and spread his teachings in the city of Ushak. Therefore, he has been known as Ussaki which means a person who is from Ushak and the path he developed from Khalweti path is called Khalwetiyye-i Ussakiyye. And also, the word ussaki is the plural of the word ashık, a person who is in love.