Honorable Pir’s Written Works

Pir Sayyid Hassan Husameddin Ussaki made additions to “Vird-i Settar” of Sayyid Yahya-yı Shirvani which was read by the followers of Halweti path. Besides this, he organized some prayer books such as “Hizbu’t-Tesbih” and “Ahzab-ı Usbuiyye”. The book “Evrad-ı Kebir” which was organized with love is an evidence of his great knowledge.

A paragraph from his book;

“O loving heart, don’t incline towards intellect, don’t be a slave of your low desires, because it prevents you from seeing many beautiful sites and from having a blessed fortune. Know that if a person is unaware of his own self and does not know what he owns, even if he is a powerful sultan of the words, he does not know anything about the hereafter. It is because; he doesn’t know the guidance and the treasures of sultanate in him, therefore enslaves himself to his own self, plasters the face of the sun with mud, and dress his love with the rope of darkness of ignorance. Then, he ascribes his own faults to Allah, The Most High and says “You made me heedless O my Lord” unfairly. It is unfair, because Allah sent a Prophet and descended the Qur’an. And, He commanded us not to be heedless through Qur’an.

O loving heart! Know the guidance of Allah upon you and never give the treasure of Sultan to strangers by disobeying. Keep your ambition high. Don’t be unaware of Adam (man). Don’t be deceived by people. Give your service and effort to Sultan; don’t waste your effort for strangers. Don’t add wrong letters to Sultan’s book. Don’t be deaf and blind. See and hear. Never insult anything. Pay the price for the blessings you eat. Know your friend, watch out for your enemy or else he harms you. And know that friend and enemy, both are in your own body.”