Respected Pir’s Tomb

The grave of Saint Pir Sayyid Hassan Husameddin is in the Ussaki center in Kasimpasha, Istanbul. This worship house which encloses the tomb of Respected Pir was the central dergah (dervish house) of Ussaki Path and also the makam (headquarter) of the Pir.

The center which was originally made of timber and MASONRY was rebuilt as an Education Center for Tasawwuf by Yusuf Efendi, the trustee of the shipyard (died in 1748) later on. The earthquake of 1718 destroyed the tomb and the worship house. Later, these buildings were repaired and surrounded with walls by Sultan Abdulhamid II to provide protection. Ussaki Education Center which was built by Pir Sayyid Hassan Hussamedin Ussaki in the last quarter of 16th century served continuously until the year 1925. In the year 1960, the historically valuable sites of the Education Center, the semahane (the house of the whirling dervishes) and the harem were demolished thoughtlessly, and an elementary school was built in its place. The untouched parts of this magnificent Education Center were repaired in the year 1982.