The Sheiks Of Respected Pir

The khilafet (succession) from the Nur Bahshiyye Branch of Kubriyye is given to the Respected Pir by his Murshid (spiritual teacher) Emir Ahmed Semerkandi (k.s.). When Respected Pir came to Istanbul, the great veli (saint)Ummi Sinan (k.s.) too admired him and gave him the khilafet (succession) from the Halweti path by crowning him with Sinan-i crown and hırka. Respected Pir who had khilafet (succession) from both tasawwuf paths gained great enlightenment through these paths and these enlightening rivers turned him to an ocean of knowledge. He dived into the ocean of spiritual knowledge on this way and through his enthusiastic love for Tasawwuf and the spiritual command he received, he established the Ussaki Path.