Our History

First Husameddin Ussaki Foundation was established by the eldest son of the Pir, the Kadi of Istanbul Mustafa Efendi in the year 1033 after the migration of Prophet Muhammad.

Second Husameddin Ussaki Foundation was established by Yusuf Efendi, the trustee of the shipyard, in 1150 after the migration of Prophet Muhammad. Our 6 respected mothers and 1 dede (forefather) formed the last committee of this foundation.

Pir Sayyid Hassan Husameddin Ussaki Foundation was established in the year 1993 A.C. for the third time and still functions.

The purpose of the establishment of Pir Sayyid Husameddin Ussaki Foundation:

This foundation was built as an extension of first and second Ussaki Foundation. The aim of this currently functioning foundation is to protect the tomb and the Education Center of Respected Pir Sayyid Hassan Husameddin Ussaki, to repair these buildings, to do research on the written works of the Respected Pir and his children, to publicize Honorable Pir and his knowledge, to publish his books in order to carry his knowledge, conception, and life story to future generations, to organize memorial days for him, to serve his visitors, to give charity for the soul of Respected Pir, to prepare publications about him, to keep his name alive with conferences and conversations, to transfer the teachings of the Islamic Tasawwuf of Turks and its moral to societies and to help for the establishment of a healthy society. Ussaki Foundation includes some cultural activities such as sema and the Tasawwuf music. In addition to those, social services also take part in the aims of Ussaki Foundation. It is established to provide food, clothes, heating, and education supplies to needy families.