Ussaki Sites to Visit

The grave of Pir Sayyid Hasan Husameddin Ussaki and Ussaki Education Center for Tasawwuf: Ussaki Education Center for Tasawwuf which is located on Pir Husameddin Sokak (street); Haci Ahmet Mahallesi; Kasımpasha / Istanbul is at the same time the center of Ussaki path. The tomb of Pir Husameddin is also in this Education Center. The Ussaki Education Center for Tasawwuf which includes a Semahane (house of whirling dervishes), a greeting room, a harem, an Ussaki graveyard, and the tomb of the Pir was built by Sultan Murad Han III, the Padishah of Ottoman Empire.

The tomb of Jemaleddin Ussaki: It is located in Savaklar Camii out of Egrikapi, Istanbul. This building which was built by Hirami Ahmed Pasha in the last quarter of 16th century is still being used as masjid-worship house.

The tomb of Abdullah Salahaddin Ussaki: It is located in the courtyard of Tahir Aga Camii which is on the street right across Karadeniz Caddesi in Fatih, Istanbul. It was built by Sayyid Mehmed Tahir Aga in the year 1761 A.C. The open tomb of Abdullah Selahaddin Ussaki is in the courtyard of this Masjid.

The tomb of Ahmet Jahidi Sultan: It is located by Jahidi Sultan Masjid in Kilitbahir, Gelibolu, Chanakkale.

The tomb of Helwaci Ana: She was the wife of Pir Hassan Husameddin Ussaki. Her tomb is a little further than the tomb of Respected Pir in Kasımpasha, Istanbul.

The tomb of Sefer Baba: He was the servant and carriage rider of Pir Husameddin Ussaki. His tomb is located by Ahmet Efendi Camii on the street right across the tomb of Respected Pir.

The tomb of Mahmud Bedreddin Ussaki: It was built in the year 1765 A.C. and located in Kecheciler, Fatih, and Istanbul.

The tomb of Hocazade: In this tomb which was located in Haydar, Fatih, Istanbul Al-Hajj Ahmed Efendi and Ibn-i Hocazade Mustafa Efendi lie.

The worship house of Halil Efendi: It was built by Murshid Mehmed Halil Efendi in the year 1879 A.C. in Imrahor, Yedikule, Istanbul. This worship house was repaired in the year 1950 A.C. and presently being used as a masjid.

There are many tombs, worship houses, masjids, semahanes, and sites to visit which belong to Ussaki Path all over the world, especially in Anatolia and Istanbul.

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