The Branches Of Ussakiye

Three respected personages reached to Pir level from Halwetiyye-i Ussakiyye path which was established by Gavsu’l Azam Pir Sayyid Hassan Husameddin Ussaki.

Honorable Pir-i Sani Jemaleddin Ussaki (k.s.a.) was born in Edirne. He was educated and spiritually trained by Sheikh Mehmet Hamdi Bagdadi (k.s.a.) and became his khalif (successor) in this path. He had khilafet (successions) for the paths of Gulsheniyye, Sumbulliye, Shabaniyye, and Nakshibendiyye by Hadreth Hassan Sezai as well. Pir-i Sani Jemaleddin Ussaki who was a great scholar of Islamic knowledge and Tasawwuf continued his effort of transferring his knowledge ocean to others in Edirne, later in Istanbul and Egrikapi. He died in the year 1164 H (1750 A.C.) in Istanbul. He owns a poetry collection.

Pir-i Salis Salahaddin Ussaki (k.s.a.) was born in Kesriye in the year 1120 after migration of Prophet Muhammad (1705 A.C.) and completed his higher education in Istanbul. He got inabe (?????) and later Khilafet (succession) from Saint Jemaleddin Ussaki (k.s.a.). He had the honor of being the son in law of Pir Jamaleddin Ussaki as well. He benefited from the spirituality of Saint Sheikh Muhiddin Arabi whose knowledge and wisdom surrounded entire world. Respected Pir who was among the great veliyyullah (saints) reached to the secrets and details of Islamic knowledge and Tasawwuf, opened the doors of enlightenment, and became aware of the meanings of divine secrets. He died in the year 1196 H (after migration) (1781 A.C.). He wrote 210 books.

Ahmed Jahidi Ussaki (k.s.a.) was a saint, a sultan of hearts, and a legend of his time. He died 1170 H (1757 A.C.). His tomb is in Chanakkale-Kilitbahir. “Jahidi Divani”, a poetry collection and “Kitabun-Nasiha”, a book of recommendations are two of his written works.