Daily Tasks Of The Followers Of Ussaki Path

Salik (follower of this path) tries to wake up an hour before the prayer of dawn, gets wudu (ablution) and prays 4, or 8, or 12 rekats Tahajjud (night prayer) first*. Afterwards, he prays 2 rakat Seyr-u Suluk (prayer for the path) and sits facing Kiblah (towards Kaba), closes his eyes, and meditates in tranquility by reciting following chapters of Qur’an and words of glorification:

– 111 times Besmele-i Sherif that is “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”; 3 Ikhlas-i sherif; and 1 Fatiha. When recitation is over, he says “I gift the reward of this recitation to the souls of our father, Prophet Adam, and our mother Eve, deliver it to them O my Lord.”
– After repeating “Estagfirullah Al-Azim” 100 times ( asking forgiveness), he recites 3 “Ikhlas-i Sheriff” and 1 “Fatiha-i Sheriff” and says “I gift the reward of this recitation to the pure souls of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), his followers, his family, and his companions, deliver it to them O my Lord”
– He recites 100 times salavat-ı sheriff, “Allahumme salli ala Sayyidina Muhammadin ve ala al-i Sayyidina Muhammad”; 3 “Ikhlas-ı Sheriff”; and 1 “Fatiha-i Sheriff” and says “I gift the reward of this recitation to the souls of our Pir, Sayyid Hassan Husameddin-i Ussaki, Sayyidina Abdulkadir Geylani, and the sheiks of Tarik-i Ussaki, deliver it to them O my Lord.”
– He repeats the beautiful word “La ilahe illallah” 100 times and adds “Muhammadu’r-rasulullah to the 100th one and continues until this number reaches to at least 700. However, he benefits better if he adds on this number during daytime. The first level of the lesson finishes here. The lessons of advanced murids (students) will be added on this as described by Murshid (spiritual teacher).
– After completing this lesson, salik (spiritual student) inclines towards Allah and without harming his tranquility starts asking intercessions of our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, all the prophets, the family of our Prophet, the companions of the Prophet, the saints and sheiks of this path from Allah; and prays for the forgiveness of our forefathers and all the believers who were departed from this world and for the peace and happiness of the nation of Prophet Muhammad.

* Performing this lesson at midnight prayer (tehajjud) time is preferable. However, if salik can not wake up for night prayer, he can perform this after the prayer of dawn (fajr), and if this is also not possible, then he can perform it anytime during the day.